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Hello, I am Allie. Some of you may know me as Momoko Peach on Momo is my cosplay name~ And some of you may also know me as AllieNatsuyaki. My number one passion is cosplay. And, if I ever get professional pictures of my cosplays, I will upload them. I also love Hello!Project, SNSD, and BIG BANG. My favorite H!P member is Junjun, SNSD is Taeyeon, and BIG BANG is G-Dragon. I love everyone in all those groups though.

My favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion. My favorite manga is Hana to Akuma. My favorite mangaka is Kaori Yuki.

If you wanna chat, just leave me a comment~ Hope you enjoy my work~
I don't make a lot of journals... as a matter of fact, this is only my second one. But... I'm making one now, because I want to >o>

I need a job!! I need money!! How do 14 year olds make money? I really don't know O_O And my parents refuse to give me allowance and no one wants me to watch over their kid so I'm screwed until I get money from relatives at Christmas. Or.. maybe my aunt will let me baby sit my cousin ><

I'm watching an anime called Arakawa Under the Bridge. I really like it ^^~

I want to do more with cosplay but I don't know what to do >.> ... It's so fun being someone else lol.

I don't watch/read Naruto but lately I really have started liking the shipping, Sasori and Deidara... did I spell their names right? I think so... I dunno their just liek really cute to me :iconmegustaplz: Lawlz, even though Sasori is 30 in a 15 year old's body >.> I wonder how old Deidara is....

Lalalalala, what else, what else? Oh ya, I'm planning on writing a fanfic one of these days, because my own stories suck. I want to make a CielxSebby one... but not like yaoi, just a cute little story with them~ I was in the middle of writing a LenxGakupo one but I stopped cuz I didn't like how it was going ><

Oh ya! Also, I have been obsessed with the Kpop group 2NE1 recently. I love them so much~ I liked them before, but not as much now. My favorite is Bom Park. ^^ Her voice is so powerful, I love it :O AND OMFG THEY DID A SONG WITH BIG BANG THAT IS AMAZING!!  Because they are both in the same company, YG. The song is Lollipop, you should check it out. ^^ Well, actually I doubt anyone is reading this, I guess I just like to type about stuff >o> I dunno.

I think that's it....
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: I am the best by 2NE1
  • Reading: My typing &gt;.&gt;
  • Watching: Arakawa Under the Bridge
  • Playing: Nothing~
  • Eating: Chips x3
  • Drinking: Lemonade

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thanks for the :+fav:! :glomp:
Thank you for the :+fav: =3
tqsm for all the :+fav: for my latest MoMusu's deviations~ it was a last minute decision since I haven't done any gifs that's bigger than 100x100 lol~ glad u like it :D :D :D :hug:
No prob! Ahh, I see. I always love your work, looking forward to seeing more ^^
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